Advent: 20 December

Tracy Niven
Wednesday 20 December 2023


Behind today’s window an image and haiku about the flight into Egypt, when the newborn Jesus was taken hurriedly by Mary and Joseph to a place of greater safety, away from the murderous campaign against young children in Bethlehem.  The need for refuge remains a deep contemporary concern.  We are so aware of people from Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere who have needed sanctuary away from dangers it is hard to imagine in places of peace such as St Andrews.  And of course, the severe difficulties in finding refuge from war within Gaza have been clear over the past two months, affecting also Israeli hostages still there.

Our image shows the holy family on the front of a house – apologies that I am not absolutely clear where this is.  Mary with Jesus on her lap rides a donkey, while Joseph walks just ahead of her.  An angel leads the way, while another stands below a palm-tree, perhaps indicating that they will return home, to Nazareth, when they can.

Joseph, Mary, child
in her young arms, fugitives
from Herod’s armed men


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